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Can You Upgrade Mobility Scooter Batteries for Greater Range?

Mobility scooters are a dream come true to seniors suffering from limited movement. They offer much-needed stability and mobility to the elderly that helps them regain their independence. These scooters even have features such as a seat, storage basket, built-in LED light, and battery charger for your convenience. They ultimately make a big difference for seniors that need them.

Despite all these advantages, most scooters have short battery capacities, which can limit how far you can go with them. And depending on your needs and preferences, this short-lasting battery could be a significant downside.

Fortunately, there are various batteries with better lifespan available on the market. We’ll also share some tips on how to increase the range of your mobility scooter. So read on to learn whether upgrading the battery can improve the travel reach of your scooter or not.

In a hurry?

Upgrading the battery will extend the driving range of your scooter, so you can enjoy long-distance travel. However, it’s essential to know that not every mobility scooter battery allows you to do so. If you change the battery without checking the instruction manual, you risk damaging your scooter permanently. So before replacing the standard battery with a high-capacity one, it’s best to ask the manufacturer first. They’ll be happy to answer your queries, and some may even offer long-lasting batteries that are compatible with your device.

How far can a mobility scooter go?

Before increasing the range of mobility scooters batteries, you should first know how far the device can go. In general, most models can travel a distance of 10 to 25 miles on a single charge. This distance can be enough for you or not, depending on your needs.

For instance, if you just like to get around town, a standard mobility scooter battery can work perfectly fine. Otherwise, consider upgrading to longer-lasting batteries if you’ll be traveling to far places or you’ll use the scooter more regularly.

That’s why it’s essential to determine your needs before investing in a mobility scooter. If you want to travel long distances, go for a scooter with a big motor. The bigger the engine a scooter has, the farther it can go. This is because bigger models usually have more powerful batteries, making them last longer. In contrast, compact travel scooters feature smaller motors that use weaker batteries.

However, remember that battery is not the only determining factor for the scooter’s maximum distance range. The actual distance will also depend on your weight, road condition, and other elements.

How can I increase the range of my mobility scooter?

Once you’ve decided that a standard battery isn’t enough for your needs, you’re probably wondering how to increase its reach. Below are some basic ways to extend the distance range of your mobility scooter.

Move at a steady pace

Seniors often overlook this step. But it’s common knowledge that the speed of your mobility scooter directly affects your battery performance. For instance, if you drive the device using the top speed, expect your travel range to decrease accordingly.

So if you want to extend the distance you can travel, try reducing your driving speed. Instead, move at a steady pace.

Avoid driving uphill

While there’s no way you can completely avoid such terrains, stay on flat roads as much as possible. The steeper the road is, the harder the battery will have to operate to get you across the incline. This just means that your fully-charged battery will run out quicker. 

Aside from roads that slope upwards, you should also consider avoiding demanding terrains such as grass or sand. These surfaces also require more battery power.

Consider the maximum weight

All mobility scooters have a maximum weight capacity. Make sure never to exceed this recommended load. This is because the more weight a scooter carries, the more power it is going to require. So do avoid overbearing your scooter to help increase its battery performance.

Turn off the light

Some mobility scooters have built-in lights to illuminate your way during nighttime use. However, most seniors often forget to turn them off which can reduce the amount of battery time you can enjoy. So before going out in the daytime, remember to turn off the lights to save battery and increase travel range.

Upgrade your battery pack

Have you already tried the steps above but still unsatisfied with the battery power and time? The last option you can try is upgrading your mobility scooter battery.

But before doing this, you should contact the manufacturer or check the manuals to know if it is compatible. If yes, you can now replace the standard battery with a high-capacity and long-lasting one. Doing so will improve your travel range.

What are the types of batteries for a mobility scooter?

If you’ve decided to replace the batteries of your scooter, you should know the different types available on the market. It will help you determine the right kind of battery for your needs. Below are the three types of batteries for mobility scooter.

Sealed lead-acid batteries

As their name suggests, these batteries generate electricity through a lead-acid reaction, similar to car batteries. They feature a sealed unit, so you don’t have to worry about spillages or fluid levels. Moreover, they offer high charge retention when not in use, making them ideal in cold or remote places.

Gel cell batteries

While gel cell batteries also use lead-acid reaction, they undergo several recharging cycles before they die out. They last just as long, but they require less maintenance because it’s valve regulated. Therefore, these batteries are an excellent choice for daily use, ultimately providing the best value for your money.

Lithium-ion batteries

Lastly, Lithium-ion, or Li-ion, batteries offer a more efficient power-to-weight ratio than the two previous batteries. This feature makes them easier to re-charge and replace once the cycle is over. They are also among the most common batteries on the market, so buying a replacement wouldn’t be an issue.

What are the best mobility scooter batteries?

Now that you have an idea of the different kinds of batteries, it’s time to shop for the best ones. Fortunately, there are several brands that offer batteries with long lifespans. Check them out below! Just remember to check with them before purchasing to ensure they are compatible with your mobility scooter.

SLK mobility scooter batteries

SLK offers a great selection of mobility scooters battery, from deep cycle gel cells to li-ion types. Their batteries have a power of 10ah to 75ah, which can charge most mobility scooters. These include Pride, Shoprider, Strider, and more. Overall, their batteries offer both quality and reliability in one.

Power Sonic mobility scooter batteries

Another company that sells high-quality and long-lasting batteries is Power Sonic. They specialize in lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, so check them out if you need these types of batteries. And similar to SLK, their products are compatible with most mobility scooters from top manufacturers. 

Lucas mobility scooter batteries

If you’re on a budget, we recommend checking out Lucas batteries. Despite their lower prices, they still offer high-quality batteries with deep cycles for a long-lasting performance. These maintenance-free batteries are hard to beat when it comes to price, ultimately providing value for your money.

Ultra Max mobility scooter batteries

For those who need batteries with a 100 amp charge, consider Ultra Max. The company offers lead-acid, gel cell, and lithium iron phosphate batteries that are compatible with most scooter models. These products feature a deep cycle and long life that ensures a greater range for your mobility device.

Can I use a car battery on a mobility scooter?

There might be instances that you instantly need to use the scooter but you can’t due to an empty battery. In cases like these, you’re probably wondering if you can use your handy car battery instead to charge the device.

The answer is no. This is because a car battery is not compatible with your mobility scooter, even if it has the same voltage.

A car battery also has more power and components, like electrolytes and plates, that can disrupt the scooter’s engine. Its motor cannot handle higher amounts of current from car batteries. Therefore, avoid using them as a replacement for standard scooter batteries to prevent accidents.

How can you make your mobility scooter’s battery last longer?

If you still feel that you’re not getting enough from your battery mobility scooter, fret not! There are a few more ways to extend its battery life and get the most out of a single charge.

Consider reconditioning the battery

Reconditioning simply refers to the process of filling the battery with distilled water and recharging it for one hour. Once you see bubbles in the water, you can now get the battery out and enjoy its newly-restored condition.

You can recondition a battery three to four times before replacing it with a new one. Doing so is an excellent way to save the environment and save money from buying new batteries every time.

Charge your scooter battery properly

Another way to extend the battery life is to charge it properly. As much as possible, use the right charger that comes with the scooter. Avoid using other chargers as they aren’t as efficient and might even cause accidents.

Keep the scooter battery charged

Lastly, keep your batteries charged if you just purchased a scooter. Sometimes, these batteries are not fully-charged, despite indicating a green light. So it’s best to plug them for another hour to get a full 100% charge.

You should also plug your scooter batteries after every use. Doing so will prolong their lifespan, thus giving you extended mileage. But remember to avoid overcharging them as it can impact the performance.


Mobility scooters provide much-needed stability and support to seniors with limited movement. They can ultimately help regain your independence and freedom of movement. However, most scooters have limited battery capacities, which can prevent you from reaching far destinations.

Fortunately, there are several ways to extend your scooter’s battery life. One of these proven steps is upgrading to a higher-capacity and longer-lasting battery. But if you find that this isn’t enough, consider trying our tips to extend its battery life.

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