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Best Quad Canes for Added Stability [2021]

Regular walking canes offer much-needed support to seniors who have balance issues. However, despite the stability they provide, they can still seem unstable due to their single bottom tips.

If you’re looking for something that will give you optimal support, consider using quad canes. As their name suggests, these canes feature four points of contact that cover a wider radius. Therefore, they offer enhanced stability to seniors, effectively preventing falling or slipping. They also allow seniors to put more weight on their cane, making them ideal for heavier individuals.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best quad canes for added stability. We’ll mention their key features and pros and cons to help you pick the right one for your needs. So, without further ado, here are our top picks!

In a hurry?

We chose the Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane as the overall best quad cane on the market. It features four non-slip and non-mark caps that offer superior stability on any surface. These rubber tips allow you to navigate both indoor and outdoor terrains with ease. Furthermore, the Vive is extremely lightweight at less than a pound. It is easy to transport and operate, even if you have a weak grip or arm strength. We highly recommend it to seniors who are looking for a durable and highly-reliable quad that fits anyone’s budget.

Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane

There’s a reason why this walking cane is regarded as one of the best quad canes among medical professionals.

As its name implies, this quad cane uses carbon fiber construction material, making it lightweight and durable simultaneously. It only weighs less than a pound, but it can support seniors who weigh up to 220 pounds. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-carry cane, considering investing in the Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane.

For those who want customizable mobility support, you can also rely on this quad cane. This is because it features an adjustable height setting that goes from 26 inches to 36 inches. Simply adjust the locking pushpin to find the appropriate length that suits your height.

Most importantly, the Vive Quad Cane comes with a high-quality four-pronged base. This base is reversible, allowing you to use your right or left hand without affecting your normal stride. The base is also self-standing, so you can leave it behind for a while then instantly use it again.

Furthermore, this quad cane has four bottom tips that offer excellent traction on indoor and outdoor terrains. You can navigate smooth and uneven surfaces with relative ease when using the Vive Cane.

Overall, the Vive Quad Cane is an excellent walking aid for seniors with balance issues. You can also ensure that it will last you a long time because it has a lifetime guarantee.


  • Made of carbon fiber material that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time
  • Height-adjustable between 26 inches to 36 inches
  • Reversible four-pronged base
  • Slip-resistant and non-mark bottom tips
  • Contoured handgrip for a comfortable fit
  • Has Vive lifetime guarantee


  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds; not suitable for heavy individuals
  • Only available in a single color

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

Consider checking out the Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane if you are over 220 pounds but less than 300 pounds. Its most significant advantage over the Vive is its weight capacity of 300 pounds, which fits most seniors.

The Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane also features a height-adjustable frame that best suits individuals between 5’ to 6’5 inches tall. Simply push the precision height button to set the length of the cane according to your height. 

For additional flexibility, the Hugo has a K-shaped four-pronged base. This small base can easily adjust to any side, so you can use your right or left hand when walking. At the bottom, you can also find four flared, shock-absorbing rubber tips that offer greater stability on various surfaces.

As for the construction material, the Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane uses a heavy gauge anodized aluminum. This is not as lightweight as carbon fiber, but it’s still easy to lift and move around. It can also conveniently stand on its own, so you can leave it behind for a while.

Lastly, the Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane is available in three colors: black, rose, and cocoa. Feel free to choose the shade that suits your personal style or preference.

With these features in mind, it’s easy to see why Hugo is considered one of the best quad canes today.


  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • 11 push-button height settings that best fit individuals between 5’ to 6’5 inches tall
  • Flared bottom tips for added stability
  • Available in three colors


  • Heavier construction material
  • Some users complained that it was wobbly on uneven terrain

HealthSmart Quad Cane

Right off the bat, the HealthSmart Quad Cane doesn’t look similar to the previous canes. It is significantly larger in size due to the additional handle at the top. This extra handle functions as a sit-to-stand handgrip that allows seniors to pull up on the cane when standing up. So if you’re having difficulty getting up from a seated position, this quad cane might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you would like to remain seated, make sure to check out these canes that double as a seat.

Aside from the unique design, the HealthSmart Quad Cane also has a large four-pronged base. This feature provides more excellent stability and traction across different surfaces. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving over a smooth carpeted floor or an uneven gravel path. With the HealthSmart  Base Quad Cane, you can easily maneuver both indoor and outdoor terrains.

For additional support, it has slip-resistant rubber bottom tips. These tips allow for a firmer footing, so you can walk with improved mobility and confidence at the same time.

Moreover, this cane for walking also has an adjustable height setting between 29 inches to 38 inches. It eliminates the need to hunch over, effectively easing the pressure off your shoulders and back. The HealthSmart Adjustable Quad Cane can comfortably fit both short and tall seniors.

Finally, it features soft foam handles that allow for a no-strain grip even after hours of use.

Overall, the HealthSmart Base Quad Cane is one of the best products in the market due to its unique features. We highly recommend this adjustable quad cane to seniors who have difficulty standing up.


  • Unique sit-to-stand handles, making it best for users who struggle standing up
  • Four-pronged base quad cane for added stability
  • A height-adjustable frame that goes from 29 inches to 38 inches


  • Large size that makes it difficult to travel or store away
  • Heavier aluminum frame
  • Only available in one color

Ez2care Adjustable Folding Quad Cane

If you prefer a lightweight and portable quad cane, then look no further!

The Ez2Care Adjustable Cane has a compact design that easily folds into a smaller size. This feature allows you to store the cane inside the car, suitable for seniors who like to travel. You can even detach the handle from the base using one hand. So if convenience is one of your top priorities, you’ll definitely find this folding cane handy.

In addition, the Ez2Care Quad Cane comes with an ergonomic offset handle. This handle centers your weight over the strongest part of the frame, making it more stable and secure. It is also easy to grip, allowing you to use the cane for long periods without tiring.

For maximum comfort, the Ez2Care Quad Cane also features a dual side-snap design. Simply press the knob release and switch direction. You can now effortlessly switch between using your right or left hand while walking.

Lastly, the Ez2Care has an adjustable height that goes from 29 inches to 37 inches. This frame height is suitable for both short and tall elderly individuals.

The only thing we didn’t like about this quad cane is its small base. While it has four rubber tips that provide added stability, its small base has weaker traction. So you may find it tricky to use this cane on outdoor surfaces.

Nevertheless, this is still one of the best quad canes for walking due to many reasons. We love its offset handle, dual side-snap design, and of course, its folding capabilities.


  • Easily folds to a smaller size, making it best for traveling
  • Lightweight at 1.34 pounds
  • Contoured handle for a comfortable fit
  • A height-adjustable setting between 29 inches to 37 inches


  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds; not suitable for heavier individuals
  • Weaker traction due to its small base
  • Only available in a single color

NOVA Heavy Duty Quad Cane

For those who are heavier than average, consider a cane like the NOVA Quad Cane.

This walking cane uses an aluminum construction material that makes it suitable for heavy-duty purposes. It can support weights up to 500 pounds, suitable for overweight individuals. It also fits both short and tall seniors between 5’2 inches and 5’10 inches tall, due to its height-adjustment settings.

The NOVA Cane also features a larger four-pronged base than usual, thus offering greater stability compared to other quad canes.

Moreover, the NOVA Heavy Duty Quad Cane has an offset handle that has a low center of gravity. This just means that you can enjoy enhanced balance support when using this cane.

With all that said, this cane is still relatively lightweight at 4 pounds. Its weight makes it easy to move across various terrains.

Overall, the NOVA Heavy Duty Quad Cane is one of the best quad canes for heavier individuals.


  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Uses heavy-duty aluminum material
  • Has a height-adjustable frame


  • 12.25 inches x 8 inches base quad cane might not fit tight spaces
  • Heavier frame may be tricky to maneuver across difficult terrains

RMS Quad Cane

Another high-quality and reliable quad cane for balance is the RMS Quad Cane. It features a large four-pronged base with anti-slip bottom tips that provides superior stability across different surfaces.

The RMS Quad Cane also has an offset handle that can easily rotate for either left or right hand use. It even offers a comfortable foam grip that best suits individuals with arthritis or sore joints.

Furthermore, this quad offers a height-adjustable option from 28 to 37 inches that can fit both short and tall seniors.

The RMS Quad Cane only weighs 1.5 pounds, making it a compact and lightweight walking aid. Lastly, it uses a corrosion resistant anodized aluminum material that guarantees it will last you a long time.

To sum it up, the RMS Quad Cane is one of the best quad walkers for the value it provides. It is affordable, but it offers a lot of benefits to the user.


  • Four-pronged base with slip-resistant bottom tips
  • Rotating and adjustable quad base for left or right hand use
  • Foam-padded handle for a comfortable grip


  • Weight capacity of only 250 pounds
  • Some users complained that the item was missing rubber stops on the base

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use a quad cane?

If you are a senior who has difficulty balancing and moving around the home, you’ll benefit from a quad cane.

Since it has a wider base with four bottom tips, a quad cane can cover larger ground. Therefore, it helps you move across various terrains with ease. It also offers greater traction which can prevent accidents from falling or slipping.

Besides seniors, quad canes are also useful for patients recovering from a major surgery or those with stroke or vertigo.

Are quad canes safe?

In general, quad canes are safe to use. They provide reliable support to seniors with balance or mobility issues.

What makes quad canes secure is their four-pronged base. At the bottom of these canes, you can usually find four tips that are slip-resistant. These help you walk safely and independently.

Quad canes are also safe to operate on stairs due to their four bottom tips. Just make sure to look for one with a small base. This type of quad cane fits better on stair steps, offering necessary support while you’re ascending or descending.

With that said, you should still be careful when using quad canes. Since they have a wider base, they can be a tripping hazard when you’re walking. Make sure to learn how to use a cane properly to prevent accidents and injuries.


That concludes our top picks for the best quad canes that provide added stability when walking!

We selected the Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane as the overall best quad cane on the market. We love its lightweight yet durable frame that will guarantee to last you a long time. Finally, we appreciate its reversible four-pronged base with anti-slip rubber tips. These features offer much-needed balance and freedom of movement to seniors with mobility issues.

Having said that, we still recommend every quad cane included in this article. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose the best one according to your needs. Thanks for reading!

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